Robin de Carteret has an MSc. in Holistic Science from Schumacher College where he developed his understanding of complex systems, Gaia theory, and interdependence.
He has worked as a Sustainability Educator for many years, runs Improvisation groups and was a co-founder of Transition Leicester. He now works freelance with many organisations, including facilitating and teaching at Schumacher College, Ashridge Business School, and with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.


Coming from a scientific, analytical background and doing a physics degree I understand the world from a logical perspective. But the more I studied and learnt about the world the more I realised that the simplified models that science uses to break the world down into comprehendible pieces have their limitations. A reductionist approach is often unreliable, and sometimes worst than useless, when working with highly interrelated systems such as organisms, ecosystems, economies and organisations. I found complexity science offers an alternative way of understanding systems by trying to recognise patterns in wholes rather than in detached parts. But trying to understand complexity just by reading and thinking about it is challenging and seems to contradict the lessons it’s trying to teach us about how to operate. So I have developed a set of experiential activities that model complex systems and allow participants to explore systems thinking concepts as they arise in the exercises. 

I am interested in taking people through a deep experience of connection to themselves, to others and to the natural world. Investigating the awe-inspiring way in which our universe works using analytical, scientific understandings but also emotional, creative and embodied experiences. My hope is that these experiences will provide joy and fulfilment in themselves but will also inspire participants to take action to deal with, what I see as, our current social, ecological and financial crises. I hope that a connected understanding of the world will help us create prosperous, beautiful, joyful communities that live within ecological limits and are therefore truly sustainable over time and space. I run sessions to help communities, schools, universities, local authorities, businesses, religious and other institutions to achieve this vision of the future.

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