I run bespoke workshops using experiential activities to explore ideas from Complexity Science and Sustainability. I am interested in helping staff teams to integrate our often mechanistic, reductionist, linear worldview with a more holistic, interrelated, living systems view of the world.

The workshops I deliver use games and activities to explore ideas of interdependence and the world as a living interrelated system. I use inspiring images and videos from the natural world to describe emergence, feedback cycles, tipping points, resilience, and ‘living at the edge of chaos’. Participants take part in live models of complex systems and discuss what it means in their context and what they can learn about new ways of relating and working.

I run sessions as part of conferences, events or team away days as well as bespoke half-day, full day and 2-day trainings. Many participants have said to me afterwards that the experiential activities made real for them concepts that they had been dealing with for years but had never fully understood.

Activities include...

  1. Exploring emergent group behaviour and how small changes in behaviour and ways of relating and communicating affect the whole group

  2. Different levels and speeds of feedback cycles in communication within and outside of the organisation

  3. Models of complexity in communication and collaboration

  4. Developing frames of mind for innovation and creative thinking

  5. Exploring the balance between redundancy and efficiency and its impact on resilience

Session Themes...

  1. Interdependence and systems games - Experiential activities that model the interconnected nature of life and concepts such as feedback, emergence, chaos/stability and self-regulation accompanied by inspiring images & film clips of living examples.

  2. Climate change, peak everything and visioning a positive, resilient future - How do we create, prosperous, thriving organisations that are resilient to the effects of resource depletion, climate change and financial crises?

  3. Biomimicry: technological and social Innovation inspired by nature - what can we learn from nature’s 3.8 billion year research and development programme?

  4. Outdoor activities - Developing awareness of the patterns & relationships in nature. Practices to use the outdoors for developing intuition, inspiring creativity, and creating the space needed for good decision making

  5. Spontaneity and improvisation - Theatre games that develop responsiveness, presentation, listening and communication skills, collaborative creativity and the courage to aim high.

Click image above for a pdf leaflet for organisations.

            Feedback from previous workshops

“ I really love it. You have such a clarity. You're connecting dots on a different level.”

“ Thought provoking and relevant information and strategies for achieving sustainability.”

“ Robin was outstanding as a facilitator ”

“ It was by far the best thing I did all day, and felt like new knowledge was being created for everyone.”


“ I found Robin’s system games an amazingly simple and powerful way to help me understand complexity in organizations, nature and society. Complexity theory became concrete and alive through telling examples and videos, alternated with participatory games. It gives you a lived experience of how climate change works and how utterly interconnected life is. Highly recommended for people, companies and organizations that wish to review their mode of operation and teamwork through the lens of complexity.”

Lisette van der Wel, Participant

“ One of those days where you don’t even once look at your watch. Hugely engaging, interesting and powerful. A touching way to get a glimpse of our own place in the world.”

Janice Armore, Participant 

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