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        Participatory education, facilitation, and consultancy in
        complexity science and sustainability.

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“ One of those days where you don’t even once look at your watch. Hugely engaging, interesting and powerful. A touching way to get a glimpse of our own place in the world.”

Janice Armore, Participant 

“ I found Robin’s system games an amazingly simple and powerful way to help me understand complexity in organizations, nature and society. Complexity theory became concrete and alive through telling examples and videos, alternated with participatory games. It gives you a lived experience of how climate change works and how utterly interconnected life is. Highly recommended for people, companies and organizations that wish to review their mode of operation and teamwork through the lens of complexity.”

Lisette van der Wel, Participant

I work with organisations, businesses, schools, colleges, universities, local authorities, and community groups.

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I use participatory group games that demonstrate & explore ideas from Systems Thinking...

...Emergent properties, Whole greater than the sum of parts, Chaos,
Interdependence, Coherence, Feedback, Tipping Points, Resilience...

Activities that give an experiential understanding of the patterns and dynamics of organisms, communities, organisations, eco-systems, economy & society.