Specialising in hands-on, interactive education in systems science and sustainability, I run CPD staff training, bespoke sessions and consultancy as well as workshops in interdependence, sustainability, systems thinking, and nature connection for students.

The world we are part of is a living system. Understanding this gives us insights into how to live more sustainably by recognising the cycles and flows in nature that sustain our society.

CPD training for staff in...

  1. Thinking in systems and preparing students for an uncertain future.

  2. Games and songs for sustainability and connected thinking

  3. Developing experiential activities for learning

  4. Visioning for a healthy and resilient, low-carbon future

  5. Eco-Inset Training day - Including interdependence and systems activities, nature activities, low-carbon transition presentation, and visioning for a sustainable school.

Student Sessions...

  1. Interdependence and systems games - Experiential activities that model the interconnected nature of life and concepts such as feedback, emergence, chaos/stability and self-regulation accompanied by inspiring images & film clips of living examples.

  2. Climate change, peak oil and visioning a positive, resilient future - How do we create a thriving prosperous school and community that are resilient to the effects of resource depletion, climate change and financial crises? I can do an accompanying assembly.

  3. Gaia theory - understanding how our planet has evolved self-regulating systems that maintain conditions for life.

  4. Harmony singing - used both as a practice and metaphor for balance, working together, and the whole being greater that the sum of the parts.

  5. Outdoor activities to develop awareness of the patterns & relationships in nature.

  6. Spontaneity and improvisation - Theatre games that develop responsiveness, listening & participation and give students the skills to create stories together ‘out of nowhere’.

  7. UpCycling - recycled material crafts - turning waste into something better. Including wallets/purses from Tetra Paks and ropes/bracelets woven from plastic bags.

“ I strongly feel Systems Games should be part of the National Curriculum. I learned so much more by experiencing the process myself.”

Graham Black, Participant

“ A note to thank you for your vital role in what we all felt to be such an inspiring weekend. I loved the way that you wove the thread throughout the weekend with those amazing activities and songs. They really did provide food for thought, and everyone seemed to respond so positively.”

Sean Farrell, Teacher of Music at Wellington College

“ I, honestly, was very impressed by your workshop on systems thinking, and I think I have learnt something very important, thanks to you.”

Yoshi Nagata, Prof. of Education, University of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo

“ Robin’s range of skills and confidence allowed us to play the games with a lightness and unself-consciouness.”

Robert Somerville, Teacher on Natural Build Course at Schumacher College 

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