I run one-hour to one-week workshops in Complex Systems, Sustainability and Organisational change

Workshops involve:

  1. Inspiring examples of real-life systems and how behaviour emerges from interactions between the ‘parts’

  2. Participative group games that demonstrate and explore System Thinking ideas

  3. Group activities and discussions to explore what this means in our lives and work


Real-life examples might include:

  1. How the Heart beats with a rhythm at the edge of Chaos

  2. How the climate changes from interactions between carbon dioxide levels, plant growth, ice cover, clouds...

  3. How an ant colony creates complex structures and behaviours from interactions between the relatively simple behaviour of individual ants

What does it mean?

We will reflect on the relevance of each concept and activity to our own lives:

  1. How can we improve the way we work and relate to each other taking into account the complex interactions that exist?

  2. How can we create an economy that benefits rather than controls people and that is stable in the long term?

  3. How can we interact with eco-systems and the whole planet in a way that is healthy for all involved?

  4. Recognising we are always interconnected - how can we move from an ethos of control to one of participation?

Group games might include:

  1. Emergent group behaviour arising from participants following simple rules about where to stand in relation to others in the group

  2. Individuals following the actions of others in a way that creates a feedback loop that generates complex actions seemingly from nowhere

  3. Activities outside to develop awareness of the patterns and relationships in the natural world

“Chaos has never been so much fun!”

Tom Owen, Participant

“ Robin is a natural facilitator who designs events carefully to make them both worthwhile and fun. He has a nice relaxed energy when leading a group, and attends skilfully to both group and individual needs. His lovely humour and easy approach make his events enjoyable every time.”

Gill Wyatt, Facilitator 

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